Johny's Top 10 Action Flicks

We got on the topic of action movies this morning, so I decided to throw out what is currently my top 10 action flicks.

The mother of all action movies.  This will NEVER be topped.  I remember when I was a kid, and Tony rented this one night from the corner store VHS rental box.  I had no interest in seeing this movie.  By the end my mind was blown.
Watched this for my grade 3 or 4 birthday party.  For the longest time this was my favourite movie.  Still holds up.

I saw this in the theatre when I was 9.  I watched the last half through my fingers as I just learned what the apocalypse was, and I was terrified. This is one of the most flawless flicks ever.  Cameron needs to stay out of the water.
Probably the second most fun movie on this list.  This movie was always thrown in after coming home from a bar while we waited for our Double Double Panzos.  This movie has the highest count of one liners, and its hilarious.  So fun.  
For a long while this was the last great action movie.  This movie still holds up.  Classic.
The streets of NYC.  Coney Island.  Love it.

"I didnt mean to shoot the guy!", "Caaaans.  They are just caaaaaans."  What a movie.

Another Arnie.  Classic.

This movie.  I swear.  The last time I laughed that hard in a theatre was Team America.  This movie knows exactly what it is, and they just have fun with it.  The most fun I had in a theatre in a long time.  
I watched the fuck out of this movie in the summer of grade 8.  The humour was awesome, the Epitaph (Rancid, NOFX, The Offspring, Bad Religion) soundtrack kicked so much ass, and my giant crush on Buffy helped me really love this movie.
NOTE:  I was thinking of doing an honourable mentions list, but on any given day those titles could be in my top 10.  Jurassic Park, First Blood, Lock Up, Death Wish, True Lies.  All of these could be in the Top 10.  Now that I think about it, Jurassic Park should really be in my Top 10.  I am too lazy to change it.  Sorry Steve.

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  1. You love them but you're throwing them out? So confused!!!!!!

  2. Oh and -- GET TO DA CHOPPA!

  3. Yep, Die Hard is the greatest. No Lethal Weapon?

    1. Yeah I should have at least put that in the honourable mentions. Maybe even part 2

  4. --- I have no idea what's going on ---