East Coast Crush Pt 09 - Portland Maine

Our next stop was Portland Maine.  This is a pretty great town, but after 9 other stops in tiny towns, this was a bit of a shocker.  People everywhere, stuff to do, places to go.  We hit up some of the coolest little shops like Strange Maine and Coast City Comics.

This is a great town, and I need to visit it again.

Our first stop after checking into the hotel.  I heard this was a great shop for music and movie lovers, and it is.

Down the street is this amazing comic book shop.

Where I got to play my favourite pinball machine, Tales from the Crypt.


It was 99 cent Miller High Life night at Rosies.

Laura took part in the 2 buck rail drinks at Rosies, and ended up doing a jig in front of this Portland sign
Laura plotting how to steal that glass.  Its now at home.

We walked literally over an hour looking for a place thats open for breakfast.  Thankfully we were pointed in the direction of the water, and came across Becky's.

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  1. Yeah I loved it, I think you would really dig it.