East Coast Crush Pt.10 - Kittery/York Beach/Portsmouth

After Portland, we drove to Kittery where we stayed at one of the coolest hotels of the trip.  It was like a little cottage cabin, and the best was awesome.  The only issue was it fucking STUNK.  Turns out the previous person had clams in their fridge for two days.  Whole room smelled like a fish market.  They were unable to give us a a new room as it was booked up, but they gave us 50% off which was nice.  We got the windows open, and a couple dryer sheets in the AC, and it was ok.

The beach at York Beach was BEYOND freezing.  Like sticking your legs into a beer cooler full of ice.  Beach was good though.

We left York Beach and stumbled upon some town called Portsmouth.  We then realized we were in New Hampshire.  That explained all the NH licence plates that we saw.

Laura paid 20 bucks American for this lobster roll.  She said it was worth it.

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