The Serpentine Pad Drive-In Rebrand

I decided to rebrand out little backyard drive-in for no other reason than I had some time to kill during my lunch break. Actually we planned on having a Twin Peaks night this weekend hopefully, and I wanted to make it themed. The name Great Northern Drive In popped into my head and I actually ended up really liking it so thats it. The Serpentine Pad Drive-In is now The Great Northern Drive-In!

UPDATE:  I already grew bored of the name Great Northern, so I will now be going by Shady Lane Drive In.  If there is no Pavement reference, its just not worth it.  Know what I mean?
Shady Lane Drive-In from Johny Bekavac on Vimeo.


I found a font that I liked better, so I have yet again changed this logo.

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