East Coast Crush Pt. 12 - Lake Placid

Here we are, at the end of the trip.  The only reason we decided to go to Lake Placid was because we looked at the map while planning this trip, and looked for what was half way between Portland and home.  As soon we we saw Lake Placid, we both yelled it out, each referring to the killer crocodile film.  Thank fuck we did, cuz this was the best way to cap off the trip.  This was such an amazing town.  Scenic, cool shops, and restaurants.  We got to hike through the woods and found a great place to swim.  I would say Lake Placid and PEI were my two favourite places of this trip.  I would love to go back and relax there.

Also, our hotel was so fucking bad ass, for a massive Twin Peaks fan.  Whoever designed this hotel CLEARLY had the Great Northern in mind.

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