Who's Coming to From Dusk Till Dawn?

After doing the Jaws Feast Night, I will sure as shit be at the Apollo for the Dusk Till Dawn Feast Night.

Whos comin??

On Classic Feast Nights we team up with the Mercury Cafe to offer up a specialized menu themed to the screen! 

This month's screening of From Dusk Till Dawn will be complimented by:

-Gecko Brothers Nachos with house made salsa/guacamole
-Satanico Pandamonium Chicken Burrito
-Housemade "Sex Machine" Churros
-Descendants El Buscador Cerveza. 

Tequila also available of course!

Get your tickets by July 25th to take advantage of the full menu!
Service of the special menu begins at 6:30pm so don't be late!
Feature starts at 6:45pm!


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