Logan Bekavac

So a solid 4 days after having an INSANE fever and cough, I am better. Woke up this morning feeling fucking great. Pretty jackt. Sure its Sunday morning and I am at work, but it sure beats having the cold sweats. Last night was pretty fun even if I was gonna throw up a lung. Hung out at Ashs for a while and met some cool people. Had a pop or two, but took it easy. Ended up just driving them to the bar. I couldn't bring myself to go to Club Asscrack in my condition. It was a good call it would seem.

Driving home to Guelph on a Halloween night is pretty awesome. Drunks were everywhere. Piggy backing ghosts jaywalking across the street....slutty soccer refs....fights in a Wendys parking lot.....sounds of smashing glass followed by laughter. It would seem Halloween night was in full tilt in the mighty G Spot. It put a smile on my face.

Went to bed with Halloween II on. Good times.

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