TOMORROW: The Return of Funquhar Friday

Drinkin at my place, listening to GBV's Mag Earwhig! (the whole thing), hopfully Pavements Watery Domestic vinyl if it comes, and hopfully neds The Devil Went Home and Puked dvd...if it comes.

Ned...Michelle...Jables...Motels...Ash Bash....Katie G (?). Meet Sticks downtown. Going to see a band at Jimmy Jazz. This dude that used to work with me. Should be good times.

Speaking of Jimmy Jazz, next Thursday THE MERCY NOW is playing. Its the dude from Shikasta, his new band. Should anyone wish to get fuckin tankard with me let me know. We will paint the town brown that night. WOO!! Check out their site and CRANK the first tune. Its a good one.

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  1. psyched. can't believe you attached a JJ photo. classic.

    so much pressure on the postal service the next two days!