Novemeber Photo Dump

Thumbing through my BlackBerry and decided to post random pictures I found on there.
Laying on the floor, between my speakers, listening to Gensis vinyls.
The Beatles White Album courtesy of Papa Robinson. The Bronx courtesy of Joby Ford for work on the Past Lives video.
Thought Elastica shirt was missing....FOUND IT! Jackt!
GBV Suitcase 2. The most beautiful looking vinyl I ever seen.
Good ol' Jimmy Jazz bathroom.
Tide to the Oceans.
Made Chicken Stir Fry. Used way too much Franks Red Hot, and it killed me. Drank a bag of milk after this one.
Erin left me this note in my notebook after watching an animation I did.
Ripped off my old busted fingernail. New one is almost fully grown.

Hanging out in Dave and Dans backyardWatching Tennis.
Guided By Voices video jukebox at some bar in Toronto.

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