Guided By Voices Briefcase

Finally got my Briefcase 3 in the mail. I am sitting at my beloved Macbook Pro, drinking a Bud, and listening to a song about an habitual gambler who is ten feet tall. Gonna get buzzed and make a mix tape of my 7" vinyls. So jakt.

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  1. you bought tapes?!
    HA HA HA
    didn't even know they still sell them!

  2. Zellers baby!!

    Drove all over Guelph.

    Gonnna tape Briefcase 2 on one side, and Briefcase 3 on the other

  3. the Alero has a tape deck lest we forget!!

    Problem is my one tape deck fucked up and does not work, so I always used the right one. Now this morning THAT one fucked up. I got ten maxell paperweights.

    But Eddie is going to give me his 4 track recorder!! cant fuckin WAIT!