Mikey and Davie's Winter Olympics

This is probably the best thing I ever read.

1- One Minute Wonder

Each player has a minute to call out as many words as possible beginning with a pre-selected letter. Proper names are permissible but derivatives are not. So in the case of T, 'talk' is allowed, but not 'talked' or 'talking'. The highest score wins.
2- First to pee loses
Well, first one to pee loses.
3- 10 meters straight line dash
10 mts line dash without wobbling.
4- First serve
In a crowded bar, first person to get a drink from the bar tender wins.
5- Spinners
Get everyone around a flat table. Someone takes the quarter and stands it on edge using a finger on one hand, and flicks the quarter with the other to cause it to spin. Immediately after spinning the coin, this person calls the name of someone else at the table.
The person who's name was called must do one of two things:

  • Stop the quarter from spinning by placing their index finger over it. The quarter must remain on edge and not fall!
  • Hit the quarter using their finger to cause the quarter to continue spinning. Afterwards, they say the name of someone else at the table, and play continues.

    If the person who spins the quarter causes the quarter to leave the table when they hit it, they must take a drink.
    If the quarter falls and lands flat before the "called" person can stop it on edge or for force it to continue spinning, then the called person must take a drink.
    Terrible spinning that cause the quarter to fall immediately results in the spinner having to drink, not the person they call.

  • 6- Task Master
    Start by playing Paper, Rock, Scissor, winner becomes task master. The Task Master then picks someone else, and sets them a task. This is similar to the game "Dare", but in this case, the people involved have to be strangers or semi-strangers. The person doing the task cannot tell them the real reason for the task, either.

    Tasks can be as weak as asking others to dance, to as crazy as... well, whatever the Task Master sets. However, an overly harsh Task Master will ruin the game quickly.

    Failing a task means the person must consume 1/2 of their beverage.
    Refusing a task means the person must consume the rest of their beverage.
    Completing the task means that everyone must take a pull on their drink except for the task completer, and the task completer becomes the new Task Master.

    7- one legged human statue
    The competitor that can stay still the longest on one leg wins

    8- Asshole
    First one to get kicked out of the bar. (We don't have to do this one, just thought it would be funny)

    Please note that cheating is not also allowed but encouraged.

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